We urge anyone who can offer their time to get in touch with us and together we can work on tackling Mesothelioma. Whether it is offering to fundraise, perhaps volunteer or simply just to offer a donation we are grateful for any help you can give.

Helping or donating to this local trust will benefit so many people and their families in Fife primarily and we hope to make a difference into research nationally. Who knows it may even be a relative of yours that may be affected by the disease. With your help we can offer up to date information and advice and contribute greatly into our local community.

Fife will be greatly affected by the disease in the very near future, we already know that we have at least 20 cases per year and this number is increasing significantly as we know the disease lies dormant for so many years. We want Fife to be a step ahead and be pro-active in identifying the problem and then tackling it head on.

To offer your support you can get in touch by either of the following ways detailed below:

Julie MacDougall on 07918 618 206

To offer donations online please do this by visiting and accessing the JMMT account.

Alternatively you can send a cheque to our registered postal address:

The John MacDougall Mesothelioma Trust
42 Aberdour Road

Thank you for visiting our website.



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Julie MacDougall
Scott Brady
(Family friend & colleague)
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Sir Menzies Campbell M.P.
Lindsay Roy M.P.


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